What if life was easy? What if tech was simple?

Hi, I'm Jes Rich!

I help people dance in their Darkness so they can blossom in their Light. 

That sounds too fluffy... 

I help people write with the freedom of their truth, speak to their ideal audience, and stack cash.

Same thought, a different side of my brain. =) 

If you have the burning desire to serve and inspire others without sacrificing your body, mind, or spirit, you are in the right place. 

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Join The Soul Crew! 

Community is the best thing EVER! One Community. One Heart. Three Levels. Access to Storytelling For Profit, education and systems for life, writing, and business. 


Jes's Trafficking Book

Surviving Trafficking & The Anti-Trafficking Movement

At the hand of her pimp, Jes received a crash course in sales, marketing, negotiation, and... 


Digital Magic

Does Technology Make Your Third Eye Hurt? 

What you had all the systems you desire and it was easy?


"The cure for writers block!"

"I am amazed to find that good writing can be taught. By applying breathing techniques typically found in yoga classes and meditation sessions, Jes shows us how to access our inner feelings to write from a place of power and truth. Jes Rich has definitely discovered the cure for writer’s block!" - Melinda Kay, Poet and Writer

Demystifying The Art & Science Of Online Business

I believe we are experiencing one of the most significant shifts in the recorded history of humanity, and for the first time, safety and joy are attainable for every underdog.

Only 100 years ago, about 1% of homes had both indoor plumbing and electricity. Hold onto that for a second...

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History In A Nutshell: Slavery, Marketing, And Mental Health

"The only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history." ~Unknown

For over a decade, this was my favorite quote, and it led me down the path of studying history from many different perspectives. Below is a portion of my book, Everything I Know I Learned From My Pimp and it's one of my favorites.

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The 3 Biggest Differences Between Networking In Real Life Vs. Online

Leads are a critical part of a business; there are no sales without leads, which means no business. Back in the day, I went to networking meetings and events; the local Chamber Of Commerce was the biggest resource for most business owners. The relationships within the Chamber changed the opportunities in my life, but they were family.

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