“She is polished, organized, and has what appears to be effortless business savvy. But she can also jar you with the painful reality of her past.” ~ Mary Rose Somarriba, Verily Magazine

“As Love146 has continued its prevention education programs, as well as begun to provide survivor care to children in the USA, we have found Jes’s perspective to be invaluable. She has helped our team process and refine difficult concepts that were eventually developed into our programs. We are deeply grateful to have been able to work alongside Jes as we grow our U.S. programs to reach more children.” ~ Stephanie Goins, PhD, Executive Programs Director, Love146

“When Jes speaks I can’t help but listen. She captivates her audience with her bright smile, laughing eyes, and real words spoken from a genuine, passionate heart. She isn’t afraid to speak the truth, but knows how to do so with grace, and is aware of her audience and how they will respond. She is animated, creative, authentic, and fabulous!” ~ Sierra Stopper, Portland, Oregon

“When I met Jes Richardson, I was not expecting to trust her so quickly. Jes is open, real, honest and loving. She has taught me more in a year than I have learned in the almost 22 years I have been alive.” ~ Trafficking Survivor

“How can I thank you enough for your pivotal role in the success of our event. The church has been all a buzz all week — It’s great to see them talking, it tells me, we were successful.” ~ Annie, Lake Grove Presbyterian Church

“The standing ovation that you received after concluding your presentation said it all: You were great!” ~ Charles Pruitt, Rotary Club of Portland

“Your presentation was well organized, articulate, and interesting which enabled students to remain focused upon the message at hand. The content of your presentation offered practical and general information for students to draw upon for a lifetime.” ~ Tom Favreau, Director, Substance Abuse Prevention Program, University of Oregon

“Jes is such an interesting person, because she doesn’t come across like someone who has experienced all the pain and suffering that comes with being trafficked. Instead, she seems honest, thoughtful, caring, smart, and vulnerable. She is an excellent speaker who will open your heart and mind to the plight of those suffering in the subculture of the trafficking and sex industry. I highly recommend her, if you are looking for a speaker or consultant for your church, school, or community to raise awareness or start any effort to help these underserved people.” ~ Pam Crouch, Luke 6 Ministries

“Richardson’s voice has a fierce joy to it. She has found strength in vulnerability by sharing her story of trauma, being honest and forthcoming with readers on her blog, and going by her familiar nickname, ‘Jes.’” ~ Mary Rose Somarriba, Verily Magazine

“I met Jes on a fluke and have found that she has a great passion in everything that she does. Meeting her made a huge difference in my life just by watching her and seeing the determination to conquer and fight for what she believes in is amazing to me." ~ Deana

“Jessica is extraordinary in every sense of the word. She authoritatively communicates the reality of human trafficking with a graceful charisma and strength born from her own experience of overcoming. Her laugh and her life are infectious, inspiring those around her with hope. It is an honor to work with her, and more so, to call her friend.” ~John Nehme, CEO, Allies Against Slavery & Producer of Trade In Hope

“Jes approaches her work with humility, treats all people with dignity, and brings beauty and humor to a very complex and personal issue. Alongside her own healing journey, she has cultivated a wealth of experience and educational understanding. These trainings will not only bring solution to our cities, they will play a part in healing us as individuals.” ~ Michelle Nehme, Trade In Hope

“After spending four years extensively video-documenting sex trafficking in over a dozen countries, I believed I had a good grasp of how the sex industry works. But when I began Jes Richardson’s ‘Sex Sells Training’ I was astonished by how much I still had to learn – not scary statistics or traumatic stories, but more of a framework to organize all the information I’ve gained throughout the years. Birthed out of extensive field work as well as her own personal experiences of sex trafficking and sex work, Jes Richardson’s ‘Trafficking Training’ is just what’s needed to better inform the already lively anti-trafficking movement of today.” -Phillip Abraham, Writer/Co-Director of “Volviendo: A Journey to the Roots of the Latin Sex Trade”