I've always been captivated by riveting stories, especially true stories of human bravery. The resiliency of humanity is breathtaking. Feeling every emotion as it grips your body, at the edge of suspense.

When my soul awoke throughout the early 2000s, I realized I was one of those stories. My life was full of twists and turns, and more trauma than any soul should endure… yet, I was standing.

~ ~ ~

Photo Caption: Months After Leaving My Pimp - Jes 18 Years Old
18 Year Old Jes - Months After Leaving My Pimp

Strong and proud, I was a wife and mother of soon-to-be five little humans, a leader, and a businesswoman in my community. At the moment before the cameras started rolling for my first big interview, my mom leaned over and said with a chuckle, "You don't want them to slit their wrists when you are done." Mom's love of life and ability to lighten any mood is a torch I proudly carry in her legacy. 

In late 2009, I told my story on a public platform for the first time. I asked for the mic, and they gave it to me… I'm white… and very cute if I do say so myself. 🙃 

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Photo Caption: Jes Speaking 2011ish

Do you know what happens when you give a Gemini a mic?!?! A whole lot of fucking fun! And emotion… As I told my story, I got better. Crafting every message so my points could be understood. I didn't want to talk just to talk; I wanted to change lives.

My agenda? My mission is to humanize humanity. Humanity fears what it doesn't understand. Fear is anger and hate; it's also apathy, indifference, and denial.

I don't give permission to abusive behavior, but I'm also not going to strip them of their humanity. People do things for reasons. It doesn't make what they did okay, BUT it makes their behavior understandable. From that vantage point, the bitterness and anger roll away, leaving a lifetime of golden stories.

~ ~ ~ 

Photo Caption: Jes Speaking 2013ish

The year 2014 was the beginning of a seven-year spiral into depths of pain my heart could not fathom. The battle for survival was real. One major life event after another, from our son being paralyzed to a major hurricane, nothing was safe, not even our marriage.

If the zombie apocalypse happens or angry aliens attack, there's no better person by my side than Reid, but the climb up was more than we could do together. Breaking the bonds of codependency is no joke.

This is where we find the moral of the story… I don't do anything that doesn't bring me joy or make me money. Period. I do what I want. That is freedom.

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Photo Caption: Jes Floating In Pool 2020

I invite you to come on a journey. It's deep. It's real. It's breathtaking and powerful. It's rest. It's peace. And the manifestation power is unbelievably fucking awesome!

Along the way, I will tell you the stories of when I manifested a $30k gift after laying in bed for two months and multiple 4-5 figure sales while struggling to survive. You don't have to be perfect, just honest and marching in the right direction. You can do it!!!

Jes Rich

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Photo Caption: Me Being Me 2020

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