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Demystifying The Art & Science Of Online Business

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I believe we are experiencing one of the most significant shifts in the recorded history of humanity, and for the first time, safety and joy are attainable for every underdog.

Only 100 years ago, about 1% of homes had both indoor plumbing and electricity. Hold onto that for a second.

There are people still alive on this planet today who remember when only 1% of the homes in the United States had both indoor plumbing and electricity. Happiness, fulfillment, mental health are all relativity new concepts in the evolution of the human race.

It seems to me, many people are spinning in circles because they don't feel a deep passion and have all their shit figured out when only 100 years ago basic survival was the CORE function of existence.

We have NO CLUE what society would look like if we lived in a land where all people were actually treated as equals. We can dream, but it always starts with a blank slate... we don't have a blank slate.

We have Centuries of systemic oppression and slavery in every possible form. The very foundation of our systems is built on bloodshed and forced labor. If we had a slate or tablet to write, inmates would manufacture it from raw materials mined by slave labor.

The entire system is screwed... BUT it gave us the power to choose. We have the right to decide how we make money, how we care for our families, where we live, and how we feel.

And we still struggle to get it right. It's hard. Complicated. Frustrating. Life can be downright cruel sometimes. Then we beat ourselves up for not having our shit together or having a Pinterest-worthy life.

When I took a step back and realized that technology changed the world and gave us the option to have individual freedom, I saw a pathway out of this mess. This, my friend, is the first time in recorded history that joy and safety are actually obtainable for the "common" person.

What a fantastic time to be born!!!

My most profound core value is freedom. My quest started within; I was haunted by demons from sexual abuse, sex industry violence, cult churches, domestic violence, and loss. As I tasted freedom, it became a core part of my being, an addiction or compulsion.

The freedom that comes from speaking your truth in honesty and dignity makes you untouchable and truly free. You can't cancel someone who is honest and teachable; there is nothing to fight against.

The world is begging for deep honesty. I never thought I would live to see the day that Hollywood was calling out abuse and the ol' boys club of the police departments were being revealed for their brutality that is well known on the streets. Almost every person I know who has been a part of the sex industry can tell story after story of being raped by cops; my story is no different.

The industry taught me something that I could have never learned in high school: business, the art of stacking cash. While my friends were smoking weed behind the gym, I was on the streets, KNOWING I would make $1,000 that day and another tomorrow.

It defined my sense of worth. I KNEW at 17 years old that I was worth a minimum of $1,000 per day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year; money came to me. I learned how to craft the sale and negotiate for my value. Selling yourself is the purest form of sales.

You are essentially selling yourself regardless of the product, but most people don't survive in sales because they haven't been sold themselves. To believe in yourself is the highest form of self-love, to KNOW your worth and value.

Business is a beautiful dance of both art and science, but the lines have become blurred as the world of online entrepreneurship boasts of fast cash and instant success. We haven't evolved fast enough to keep up with the intelligence and simplicity of our technology.

Loopholes were created within our system to allow those fluent in legalese to slide through the cracks and excel to unimaginable net worth. Those loopholes and tools are now available to all people.

However, we have a problem. Too much information and not enough wisdom.

With internet marketers creating more "value" and teaching everything for free, it created a mass of overwhelm. Every message is carefully designed to give the reader/audience a wealth of knowledge, baiting you with case studies of instant success and scarcity that the offer will end and you will never get this chance again.

After experiencing my pimp, these tactics have always made me giggle. It wasn't until my friends started falling for the "overwhelm" tactics that I got pissed. So let's break this down...

The Art & Science On Online Business

The Science of Business is a machine. It runs like a series of levers, pullies, and cliffhangers. There are so many options, and every single option works. Every strategy has made someone millions, but that doesn't mean it will work for you.

Online business requires three things, complete clarity, simplicity, and consistency; add the suitable machine for your target market, and you have a winner. Winner, winner, NO MORE chicken for dinner! We are getting steak tonight!

Every sales system for online business known to man can be compressed into a single book. That's why it's free + shipping. So much value that you MUST buy the next thing to make "it" work.

As you ascend the value ladder to the highest price points, the networking is worth the price, but the actual information is SO PAINFULLY SIMPLE. Get clear on who you are, who you serve, and how you help them. Keep your systems simple and get real results for your clients. Rinse and repeat.

It's the Art Of Business that puts a kink in most people's growth.

If we are a musician, art is the words, sounds, and feelings created when the song is played. The science is the instruments, equipment, and studio.

If we are a baker, art is the stunning display and exquisite flavors that dance in your mouth. The science is the ingredients, portions, timing, and order of operations.

If you are an author or speaker, art is capturing attention and carrying your audience on a journey into untold lands with obstacles and lessons that transform the landscape of their minds. The science is bios, websites, sales funnels, lead capture systems, emails, and social media.

With science, there is a recipe. Art is a craft.

Billions have been made by people who have very little knowledge of the science of business. Building the sites, funnels, and managing social media can all easily be outsourced. What can't be outsourced is YOU.

Your stories, personality, and passion. Your determination to change the world and deeply help people live to their highest self. YOU are the catalyst within your business.

People can take your knowledge and teach it. It's happened to me many times. They can sell your information for more than you charge or give it away for free. It's the painful truth. What they can't take is your story.

How did you learn? What are the mistakes you learned along the way? How did you overcome the obstacles? THIS is what makes you unique and absolutely magnetic.

As your voice touches people through their phones and computers, you have the opportunity to impact more lives than you ever could from a stage, but doing both is even better!

The very essence of humanity is changing; the digital age is already here. Change happens whether we like it or not; you might as well learn to ride the waves, dance in the rain, and laugh at the stupid shit you've done.

Your failures and mistakes make the successes more powerful. Your journey, as crazy as it may be, is the golden story that draws your perfect client into your world. You deserve it. Your clients are out there, right now, with problems that you can solve.

If we put more money in the hands of good-intentioned, learning, growing people, the world would become a better place filled with progress and based on real solutions.

We must evolve quickly and with less struggle. Gone are the days of endless hustle and working 14 hour days. Hustle is dead. Labor is for robots and AI. Leverage every ounce of privilege that your journey has gifted and tell your stories!

I invite you on a journey into the depth of my soul and into my machine designed to serve, inspire, and get radical results. Together we all rise!

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